Blue Dolphin Cichlid (Cyrtocara moorii)

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Blue Dolphin Cichlid

Cmoorii juvenile.jpg
Blue Dolphin Cichlid

Cyrtocara moorii


208.198 liters
208,197.648 mL
208.2 Litres (55 US G.)

35.56 cm 25.4-35.6cm (10-14 ")




7.2 - 8.5

297.15 K
75.2 °F
534.87 °R
301.15 K
82.4 °F
542.07 °R
24 -28 °C (75.2-82.4°F)

10-20 °d

1:2-3 M:F


5-8 years

This animal is available captive bred


Additional names

Blue Dolphin Cichlid, Blue Lumphead, Hump-Head

Additional scientific names

Haplochromis moorii



Mature males have a nuchal hump, giving them their 'Humphead' common name. Both males and females have nuchal hump so sexing is difficult. Keep at a young age with one male to three females and they will eventually pair off. With good luck you will have females holding!

Tank compatibility

Should be kept in a large Malawi Cichlid species tank preferably, and must not be kept with overly aggressive Cichlids. The Blue Dolphin is usually fairly peaceful except when it's spawning. The Blue Dolphin cichlid is peaceful, if compared to Malawi Cichlids. Do not let this confuse you, since they are still aggressive to smaller, more peaceful fish. As the Cyrtocara moorii will readily eat anything small enough to get into its mouth, this must be kept in mind when searching for tank mates. Small torpedo shaped tank mates are easy prey. A good fit for Frontosa mates as well as Yellow Labs.


Not a fussy eater, will take most foods including Cichlid pellets, krill and brine shrimp. Blue Dolphin will happily accept live food including any smaller fish they can get into their mouth.

Feeding regime

Feed once or twice a day.

Environment Specifics

Prefers rock décor with large amounts of open swimming space. Sand is preferred as they like to burrow. Keep rocks to the back and as smooth as possible as these fish are clumsy when frightened. This fish can grow to 10+" and should be kept in a suitably large enough size tank with an eye for overcrowding. This is open water based Malawi and as such a minimum tank size of 6' (125 Gallon+) is recommended.


Relatively peaceful, may come to blows with other overly dominant Cichlids housed with it, and will defend itself when spawning.


This Cichlid is slender and coloured a vivid baby blue. Adult Males can darken significantly during mating periods or when establishing dominance. Males display a nuchal hump when mature.


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