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Supa Ant Egg Tub

Ant eggs were one of the first traditional food sold for goldfish and tropical fish for many decades until surpassed by better foods sold by companies.

This food consists of mainly dried ant pupa (probably the common black garden ant,Lasius niger). The eggs are collected from ant nests and dried. This process also collects other items like dried ants, ant honey (the food fed to newly hatched ants) and various small pieces of dried plant stems, etc.

Like all dried natural food it tends to float for a very long time and therefore is only suitable for surface feeders like goldfish and Mollies, Angelfish, etc.

The typical egg is 5mm long and 3mm wide and so can only be taken by fish over 3" in length.


It is best to prepare this food by soaking it in a small quantity of tank water for ten minutes before hand to soften it as otherwise the animals may try to take the hard dried food and reject it.


Typical analysis of the Supa Ant Eggs product

Protein : 21.8% Oil: 31.2% Fibre: 5.1% Ash: 5.5%


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