Green Fin Cichlid (Archocentrus centrarchus)

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Green Fin Cichlid

Archocentrus centrarchus.jpg
Green Fin Cichlid

Archocentrus centrarchus

208 Litres (55 US G.)

12.7-15.2cm (5-6 ")




7.2 - 8.0

23.9-25.6°C (75 -78 °F)

8-10 °d

1:1 M:F

Pellet Foods
Flake Foods
Live Foods
Other (See article)

5-8 years



This animal is available captive bred

Additional names

Green Fin Cichlid, Flyer Cichlid, Flier Cichlid

Additional scientific names

Heros centrarchus, Cichlasoma centrarchus, Herichthys centrarchus

Origin[edit | edit source]

Central America; Pacific slope in tributaries of Fonseca Gulf in Honduras, and Nicaragua. Atlantic slope in Roi Chirripo(Rio Matina) of Costa Rica, and Rio San Juan in Nicaragua, as well as associated river systems, including the Great Lakes.

Sexing[edit | edit source]

Males are larger than the females

Tank compatibility[edit | edit source]


Diet[edit | edit source]

Carnivore; accepts pellets.

Feeding regime[edit | edit source]

Feed once or twice a day.

Environment specifics[edit | edit source]

Planted tank

Behaviour[edit | edit source]

A generally peaceful Cichlid except when spawning as they are very protective of their eggs and fry.

Identification[edit | edit source]

An attractive oval Cichlid. Adults should generally have an olive base colour with dark vertical banding and iridescent blue on the flanks. There are two dark spots on the gill plates. Juveniles have more yellow colouration, dark vertical banding and dark blotches on the flanks.
When spawning the pair will go very dark, almost black.

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