Asian Stone Catfish (Erethistes jerdoni)

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Asian Stone Catfish

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Asian Stone Catfish

Erethistes jerdoni

38 Litres (10 US G.)

3-4 cm (1.2-1.6")




6.7 - 7.2

20-23.9°C (68 -75 °F)

8-12 °d

1:1 M:F

Pellet Foods
Flake Foods
Live Foods

5-6 years



Additional names

Asian Stone Catfish, Anchor Catfish, Asian Moth Catfish, Mini Moth Catfish

Additional scientific names

Hara jerdoni

Origin[edit | edit source]

Found in slow-moving hill streams in India and Bangladesh.

Sexing[edit | edit source]

Females are more have bodied, and males have slightly longer fins and barbels. This fish has been bred in captivity.

Tank compatibility[edit | edit source]

An entirely peaceful fish that does best with others of it's own kind. Keep only with similar-sized peaceful fish that will not harass this very shy creature. Would do well in a biotope setting with other fish originating from India such as Dario dario.

Diet[edit | edit source]

Prefers meaty live food like bloodworms and brine shrimp, may take frozen also. May not accept pellets or flake.

Feeding regime[edit | edit source]

Feed once or twice a day.

Environment specifics[edit | edit source]

Needs places to hide and prefers a sandy substrate so as not to damage its barbels. Is planted tank safe so does well in densely planted tanks without very bright lighting and lots of caves in rocks/bogwood.

Behaviour[edit | edit source]

A shy and nocturnal fish, prefers to be in groups than alone.

Identification[edit | edit source]

This fish has the ability to change it's colour from light to dark to blend in with it's surroundings, including the eyes. It will turn from dark brown to tan-beige depending on substrate and décor it is near. The body of this fish has a very wide head and mouth with pointed long pectoral fins while the body narrows dramatically towards the tail.

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