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How to Insert a map[edit | edit source]

At the top of every edit page there is a link which reads "show map" clicking this link will open up the editors map and allow for us to add a google map to the article.

  1. Position the text cursor in the area where you want the Google text to be inserted.
  2. After opening the editor map identify the location you would like to have as the center of the map, then left click on the map. It will add a point to the map.
  3. Next, left click on the point on the map.
  4. Click the label "insert map centered here"
  5. Now to add a point to the map, left click on the map to add the point, then click the link "add point here".
  6. Ensure your labels are inserted within the <googlemap> </googlemap> tags
  7. Save your page.
  8. An example of how it looks is at Dwarf Gourami

Example Code[edit | edit source]

{{Fish Profile 
  |name = Manguense Cichlid
  |image = Managuense_with_eggs.jpg
  |caption = A Managuense guarding her eggs
  |species = Parachromis managuense
  |min_tank_size = 
  |tank_level = 
  |size = 55.0-63.0 cm (22-25")
  |ph = 7.0 - 8.7
  |temperature = 25-36C (77-97F)
  |water_hardness = 10.0 - 15.0 dGH
  |stocking_ratio = 
  |availability = 
  |diet = Carnivorous
  |life_span = 
  |coloration = 
{|width="75%" align="center" cellspacing="2"
!valign="top" |
!valign="top" | 
<googlemap lat="13.667338259654947" lon="-84.990234375" zoom="5" width=400 height=250 type="hybrid">