Tilapia fillets

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If cut into small cubes it can be feed directly into the aquarium in small amounts where it will rapidly sink. However this food will go bad within 24 hours if not kept very cold.

To keep longer, cut into small chunks and freeze, it can be kept for 3–6 months in a freezer.

  • Do not cook it.



Dwarf African clawed frogs (DAF) can be seen readily taking it.

Typical animals that eat this food

Any carnivore or omnivore animal will eat it. For example aquatic frogs such as the Dwarf African Frog or the African Clawed Frog.

Typical Barbs like Tiger Barbs or Golden Barbs or Corydoras fish will also eagerly eat this food as will most fish.


  • In its raw thawed form it crumbles easily between finger tips into small pieces and sinks slowly to feed top or middle column fish like tetras and even mollies. Indian Glass Fish love it.
  • It is important not to over feed raw fish flesh and any uneaten chunks should be removed after a couple of hours.