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AquaVac Ergosan is a commerical product by Schering-Pough Animal Health added to Trout and Salmon food to strengthen the immune system and enhance the resistance of the fish to disease, parasites and infection.

Extract of the company's Press Release:

AquaVac Ergosan is made from a seaweed-based meal blended with specific algine compounds. The active ingredients, include special algines and polysaccharides known to strengthen the full range of natural defense systems in fish.
Ergosan contains extracts of Laminaria digitata and Ascophyllum nodosum (Seaweed).
AquaVac Ergosan enhances the fish's immune response to vaccination. The response of fish to vaccination will vary according to its health and previous exposure to the disease as well as the specific characteristics of the vaccine.
AquaVac Ergosan is intended for use in conjunction with vaccines from the AquaVac range.
The AquaVac Oral vaccination strategy employs Ergosan to improve the level and duration of protection in the fish.