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To place a YouTube video on our pages you need to upload the video onto YouTube and make it public. Then you take the unique video id number given to it (this may include a minus character) and use that.

The code syntax is simple :


You can also use the following to alter the size.

<youtube size=small>
<youtube size=medium>
<youtube size=big>
<youtube width=x height=y>

Most videos are a 4:3 ratio so try to keep the numbers in that ratio if using custom height/width. If you add &autoplay=1 to the end of the VideoID it will then autoplay.


You can also align the video to the right side of the page.

<youtube align=right>

Examples[edit source]

As you can see the basic video tag allows text to flow down the right side.

The use of the 'br' tag

<br style="clear:both;"/>

after the youtube tag is required to stop unwanted text or pictures continuing to flow down the side.

A small youtube example

<youtube size=small>u1Bsa_vsT1o</youtube>

Aligning to the right. Currently it is not possible to have text flowing down the left side.

<youtube align=right>u1Bsa_vsT1o</youtube>

You can autoplay a video by adding to the video id the line &autoplay=1

<youtube size=small>u1Bsa_vsT1o&autoplay=1</youtube>

But this will have serious viewing issues with a visitor not using broadband to look at the site.

Normal size is considered large enough for most cases.