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Company Name[edit | edit source]

Jellyfish Art

Also know as[edit | edit source]


Description[edit | edit source]

Jellyfish Art is an innovative startup that sells jellyfish aquariums over the internet. The company was founded by Alex Andon in 2010, and immediately attracted attention from the mainstream media. Jellyfish Art has been featured in several reputed publications such as the New York Times, and was one of the first hardware startups to be incubated at Y Combinator. The company launched a fund raising campaign on in 2011 and quickly raised $163,000 from several backers.

Products[edit | edit source]

Jellyfish Art sells desktop aquariums that are designed specifically for the purpose of housing moon jellyfish. The company also sells the jellyfish themselves, and several accessories designed to streamline the process of jellyfish ownership. Jellyfish Art prides itself on the minimalistic design of its aquariums, and markets its products as perfect interior decorations that become the focal point of any space.

  • Points of note - Jellyfish Art sells its products online. The company also guarantees that its perishable products will reach their destinations alive.

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