Silver Barbel Catfish (Pareutropius longifilis)

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Silver Barbel Catfish

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Silver Barbel Catfish

Pareutropius longifilis

95 Litres (25 US G.)

7.6-9.1cm (3-3.6 ")




6.4 - 7.4

23 -26 °C (73.4-78.8°F)

4-12 °d

1:1 M:F

Pellet Foods
Flake Foods
Live Foods

5-8 years



Additional names

Silver Barbel Catfish

Additional scientific names

Pareutropius micristius, Eutropius longifilis, Eutropiellus longifilis

Origin[edit | edit source]

Africa: eastward flowing rivers north of the Ruvuma, Lake Chiuta, Ruvuma system, Lake Chilwa.

Sexing[edit | edit source]

Mature females will have thicker bodies than males, is not easy to spot however unless they are in a group together for comparison.

Tank compatibility[edit | edit source]

A shy peaceful catfish that should be kept in shoals of at least 5-6 individuals. Will do well with other peaceful active fish including Loaches and African Tetras.

Diet[edit | edit source]

Should not be a fussy eater accepting most catfish pellets and flake as well as live/frozen foods such as bloodworm and brine shrimp.

Feeding regime[edit | edit source]

Feed once or twice a day.

Environment specifics[edit | edit source]

Provide this fish with a spacious tank with dense planting and hiding places in bogwood and rock around the edges with some open swimming space towards the centre of the tank. A long tank is best for this fish and they do not appreciate very bright lighting so floating plants are desirable.

Behaviour[edit | edit source]

An active little fish that can be quite shy, it finds confidence when in groups of its own kind.

Identification[edit | edit source]

A long and slender fish with a dark lateral line and with a forked caudal fin which can be mistaken for Pareutropius buffei.

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