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This documentation is transcluded from Template:Attribution/doc.

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This template can be used in four ways:

  • with no copyright holder specified (as seen above): {{attribution}}
  • with a copyright holder specified who has a page on Wikipedia: {{attribution|User:Someuser}} or {{attribution|Home Corporation}}
  • or the same as previous but with specified link text: {{attribution|User:Someuser|My full name}}
  • with a copyright holder specified who does not have a page on Wikipedia: {{attribution||Name of copyright holder}} (note the double pipe)

In addition, if a specific manner of attribution is required, or other qualification on use (must not limit to educational or non-profit, or prevent derivatives) you may specify this: {{attribution|User:Someuser|text=Required attribution text: by Someuser, available from (link).}}ar:قالب:Attribution bg:Шаблон:Attribution ca:Plantilla:Atribució fr:Modèle:Attribution it:Template:CopyrightedAttribution lv:Veidne:Attribution mk:Шаблон:Припишување nl:Sjabloon:Bronvermelding ru:Шаблон:Attribution sr:Шаблон:Приписивање tr:Şablon:Attribution

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