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I am here to make this a better place and to give as much information as possible. Disagree with anything I did, ask me to change it and tell me what I did, I will work it out with you.

Hello Andrewfishy,

Welcome to the site, I hope you find the site helpful and informative. When you are creating a new profile page can you please use our standard templates? This allows us to keep the site looking the same across all pages easily. It also helps add common categories to sort the fish. The easiest way is to copy another page and then just replace or remove the data.

We also need license information regarding the images you uploaded. None of them were tagged properly. If you can tell us where you got them from we would be able to help you determine if they are usable and the proper license to list them under. Also with regard to images, always upload the largest image you have at your disposal. Image:Chocolate_catfish.jpg for example is to small to see any detail, and will likely be removed. You can include a smaller version of the image by using the wiki code [[Image:Chocolate_catfish.jpg|50px]] this code yeilds 50px

If you have any questions please leave a message on my talk page (don't forget to sign with ~~~~) --Brian 02:14, 24 September 2008 (UTC)