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About FAAS

The Federation of American Aquarium Societies (FAAS), formed in 1973, is a service organization of and for aquarium societies of North, Central and South America.

Our membership currently consists of over sixty Aquarium Societies and individual members from Canada to Puerto Rico, California to Maine.

Helping Aquarium Societies

Although the original idea for FAAS was to band together to fight for the Hobby against the proposed federal ban of importation and transshipping of tropical fish, the Federation soon realized that a wealth of information existed among its members and therefore expanded. This information, if shared and passed along, could benefit all societies.

All aquarium societies face common problems of attraction new members, staffing and financing their operations, coping with internal squabbles and so forth. FAAS believes that successful ideas and methods developed by one club could easily benefit others if it was made readily available. Therefore, FAAS has become a national organization serving as the mechanism of communication between clubs; bringing together ideas, suggestions and information to its member societies and other interested parties.

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