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== Tank compatibility ==
== Tank compatibility ==
: Peaceful, although aggressive to similar species if space is limited. If threatened, they may attack you with the "saw" on their caudal peduncle, so be careful not to spook them.
: Peaceful
== Diet ==
== Diet ==
: An herbivore that eats both macroalgae and microalgae, but may also be supplemented with meaty foods.
: Herbivorous; grazes from benthic macroalgae to benthic microalgae
== Feeding regime ==
== Feeding regime ==
: Daily, at least 2 times.
: Daily
== Environment specifics ==
== Environment specifics ==
: A slightly cooler water species that enjoys plenty of rock for grazing.
Reef tank will do; found from subtropical to tropical waters
== Behaviour ==
== Behaviour ==
: Usually peaceful, but will fight with similar fish in limited space. It may be observed "slapping" other fish with its peduncle spine to settle territorial disputes.
: Peaceful
== Identification ==
== Identification ==
: Grey body with 3 spots on caudal peduncle; not as spotted as its relative, the [[ Yellowtail Surgeonfish]].
: Grey body with 3 spots on caudal peduncle; not as spotted as its relative the [[ Yellowtail Surgeonfish]]

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