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{{Fish Data
|name=Firewood Catfish
|extra_common_names=Firewood Catfish
|species=Sorubimichthys planiceps
|extra_scientific_names=Platystoma planiceps, Platystoma spatula, Pteroglanis manni, Sorubim jandia, Sorubimichthys ortoni, Sorubimichthys spatula
|caption=Firewood Catfish
|habitat=South America
== Sexing ==
:Overall adults sizes for females are reported as larger than those of males.
== Tank compatibility ==
:This is a predatory and large fish that will eat whatever will fit in its mouth. House with similar sized large [[Pimelodidae]] or [[Doradidae]] catfish or keep alone in a species tank.
== Diet ==
:Will accept most meaty foods including silversides, shrimp and mussels.
== Feeding regime ==
:Feed once or twice a day.
== Environment specifics ==
:Requires a very large tank or tropical pond with excellent filtration. Does not appreciate bright lighting and décor should be a sand substrate with large river rocks and [[bogwood]].
== Behaviour ==
:A very large predatory catfish.
== Identification ==
:The Firewood Catfish's body has an overall cylindrical shape with a broad very flattened head. The caudal fin is sharply forke4d and long. In large specimens the upper jaw surpasses the lower. Overall colouration and colour pattern varies greatly over the animal's range, but the fish generally has a broad cream stripe reaching from the gill cover to the caudal peduncle. This light coloured stripe may or may not be bordered by darker stripes.
|Category=Fish, Fish (Freshwater), Catfish, Long Whiskered Catfish, Monster Fish
== Pictures ==
== Videos ==
== External links ==
*{{FishBase |id=12145}}
*[http://www.planetcatfish.com/common/species.php?species_id=122 Planet Catfish]
*[http://www.scotcat.com/pimelodidae/sorubimichthys_planiceps.htm ScotCat]
*[[w:Firewood catfish|Wikipedia]]

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