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A picture of me.

My name is Brian and I'm an editor on the aquarium wiki here. I started the site along with Quatermass a while ago and am currently a sysop and bureaucrat in wiki speak.

I've run out of knowledge to put on the site, so my job mostly revolves around updating templates and trying to make the site more user friendly. I also play copyright Nazi when necessary.

I have two fish tanks which I kept in my tiny little dorm room at school. One is a 55gal tunnel tank which was set-up as a planted freshwater, but I intend on taking it down and rebuilding it with something else. My other tank is a 12gal nano-reef tank.

Stock post message.png To-do list for User:PsiPro:
  • API
    • Add SQL interface
    • SMF BBCode addition
  • Finish tasks on Category:Editor_to-do_list
  • Update coral profile
  • Update plant profile
  • Add ref tags to tempaltes
  • Implemented but still needing work
    • Update all profiling information to categorize species by location