Japanese Cress (Cardamine lyrata)

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Japanese Cress

Cardamine lyrata.jpg
Japanese Cress

Cardamine lyrata



6.5 - 7.0

15 -25 °C (59-77°F)

Max Height

50 cm (19.7")

Max Width

30 cm (11.8")

Alternative Names and Variants[edit]

Japanese Cress, Chinese Ivy, Bitter Cress

Environment Specifics[edit]

This is actually a terrestrial marsh plant but has been successfully acclimated to living fully submersed. Should be planted in groups and temperatures should not exceed 28°C (82.4°F) as this will cause the leaves to be smaller and it to generally be more leggy.


An attractive bright green plant with rounded leaves with ruffled edges. It has Aacharacteristic trailing growth form makes it highly decorative, and "water roots often form on the plant itself.


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