Cloudy Doradid (Rhinodoras dorbignyi)

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Cloudy Doradid

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Cloudy Doradid

Rhinodoras dorbignyi

757 Litres (200 US G.)

40-50 cm (15.7-19.7")




6.5 - 7.0

20 -25 °C (68-77°F)

8-10 °d

1:1 M:F

Pellet Foods
Flake Foods
Other (See article)

8-12 years



Additional names

Cloudy Doradid

Additional scientific names

Doras dorbignyi, Doras nebulosus


It's very difficult to visually sex this fish.

Tank compatibility[edit]

A relatively peaceful fish but should not be kept with very small fish or fry. Keep with similar sized peaceful fish, do not keep with anything very active nor with anything that may nip or bully this catfish. Will co-habit with others of the same species.


Will accept most foods readily and has quite an appetite once it has settled in. Provide a mix of high quality sinking pellets and wafers as well as meaty foods. May also nibble blanched vegetables.

Feeding regime[edit]

Feed once or twice a day, will be most active after lights out.

Environment specifics[edit]

This fish if found in the pet trade will be a wild caught specimen and should therefore be kept in soft water and dim light in order to thrive. Provide it with plenty of caves and hiding places. Be sure things like heaters are not left exposed as this fish may try to hide behind and get burnt.


A generally peaceful bottom dweller that is most active during the night.


A typical Dorid catfish in shape with a long head, tall dorsal and long adipose fin with several whiskers around the mouth. It is mottled brown and silver/grey in colour.


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