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How long a healthy fish can generally live in captivity given proper care and water conditions.

Tips for a long life[edit]

  • Feed high protein food during its first year as a young animal requires lots of essential minerals during its initial growing period.
  • Feed good quality food with plenty of on-going variation. This ensures it gets all its minerals and amino acids.
  • Ensure it is kept within appropriate water parameters for its species. i.e. temperature, pH, GH, salt levels.
  • Consider adding bogwood or other similar organic material to the tank. This has shown to promote healthier animals.
  • Ensure low stress. A constantly alarmed animal has a short life. Provide a covered backdrop to the tank, provide hiding places. Look out for bullying from other co-inhabitors.
  • Look out for wounds on the animal. These maybe caused by ornaments or other animals.

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