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The Discus is a popular cichlid for those that have the time and money to keep it. Through selective breeding by dedicated breeders, many colour variations, some rarer and more desired than others, have been created.

Wild Type[edit]

All the below colour variations descended from these.


Striped Discus include some of the earliest tank-bred strains such as turquoise and red turquoise. Also included in this category are Discus such as snakeskins which have finer striped patterns. Many wild-type discus also fit into this category.

Pigeon Blood[edit]

The Pigeon Blood variety of Discus is one of the largest and most diverse. Pigeon Discus include fish with spots, stripes, and solid colour types and may be orange, red, blue, or even white. Pigeons are also easily distinguished by their bright red eyes.


Spotted Discus, from the wild red spotted greens to the colourful Asian varieties and includes the popular Leopard Discus.


The most often seen and popular of the solid variety includes Marlboro Reds, Red Melons and Blue Diamonds. These fish lack the stripes and banding in their gills, fins, and body that most other types of Discus exhibit.