Perpetual Preservation System

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Perpetual Preservation System (PPS)

Popularized by Edward, moderator on the APC internet forums, Edward has taken a lot of the emersed growth science of hydroponics and applied those theories to the submersed growth of aquatic plants with the aim to have healthy algae free aquarium. There are two PPS Systems:



The PPS-Classic system uses five nutrient dosing solutions that are each individually dosed to adjust the ratios of various nutrients as close as possible to the PPS optimal target of your particular planted aquarium. These five solutions are:

  • SS Standard Solution
  • PF Phosphate Free Solution
  • NF Nitrate Free Solution
  • MG Magnesium Solution
  • TE Trace Element Solution

The PPS-Pro system uses only two nutrient dosing solutions which makes it the easiest system to follow and with professional results.

  • Macroelements
  • Microelements

Read the following link for details:

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