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Poly-filter (Polyfilter or Poly Filter) is a commercial foam or sponge made by Poly-Bio-Marine Inc. that is remarkable in its ability to remove metals, chemicals and organic waste quickly from fresh or sea water. Far more than any active carbon material.

Typical boxes

Typically sold in different sizes. The most common being a large rectangle (4" x 8") shaped piece of white foam, it is also available as a disc.

Typical box showing internal packaging
  • This product is often sold under different brands. But usually the internal sealed packaging is as shown below.

As it absorbs chemicals or organic matter it changes colour to indicate the chemical absorbed.

Poly-Filter will not absorb trace elements nor calcium, magnesium, strontium or fluoride as its been pre-treated with these metals.

Poly-filer will not remove chlorine or chloramine.

Poly-Filter does absorb ammonia if the ph is lower than 7.5

Poly-Filter does absorb copper and phosphate.

  • You can not recharge it.
  • If the internal plastic seal is broken then you may wish to consider returning it as the foam will have absorbed chemicals from the air.
  • When used to remove copper from water, it takes up to 12 hours to remove the metal from the water.