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Polymixiiformes: Moderately elongate and compressed. A pair of barbels on hyoid. Continuous dorsal fin; 4-6 spines, 26-38 soft rays. Anal fin 4 short spines, 13-17 soft rays. Subabdominal pelvic fin; 1 spinelike ray, 6 soft rays. Caudal fin 16 branched rays. Scales in lateral line about 33-38. Banchiostegal 4 rays. Gillrakers 11-21. Supramaxillae 2. Epurals 3. Subocular shelf, ortbitosphenoid, and basisphenoid present. Vertebrae usually 29 or 30. Maximum length is 38 cm. Usually found in depths between 180 and 640 m.

Families in this order: