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This template creates the opening tags for the information box.

this template uses the {{profile-line-single-column}} template to frame information

Parameters[edit source]

type[edit source]

  • Default: blank

The type variable is passed to {{type-phrase}} to parse the type into a human readable value. This value is assigned to Property:Is a.

class[edit source]

  • Default: blank

This parameter is added to the .profile_box class to help change the style of the boxes.

title[edit source]

  • Default: No entry is created

This will create a single row entry in the profile box with the value centered, and italicized.

image[edit source]

  • Default: No entry is created

If an image is passed it ins included at a width of 200px. Only the file name should be passed, no namespace information should be specified.

image_caption[edit source]

  • Default: Empty, only shown if an image is passed.

The content of this variable is shown below the supplied image. It is styled with the .caption class.

Change-log[edit source]

  • March 1, 2011
    • Change log started