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The Tucson Aquatic Enthusiast Society is a group formed in February, 2010 out of concern for and love of the oceans. While mostly engaged in local social activities, T.A.E.S hopes to raise awareness for ocean issues and eventually engage in global activism. Despite the fact that the society has only recently celebrated its one year anniversary, there are already sister societies formed in the Bay Area, California (‘’’San Francisco Aquatic Enthusiast Society) and in Seattle, Washington (Seattle Aquatic Enthusiast Society). These groups are loosely affiliated and have developed rhizomatically. An umbrella association has been formed over the local groups called the Syndicate of Aquatic Enthusiast Societies.

The society members are active in correspondence and the headquarters houses a growing library of aquatically themed books, DVDs, and audio files. The Tucson Aquatic Enthusiast Society exacts minimal dues and upon membership issue a read hat, correspondence stock, a laminate ID, and a patch. Membership in the original society currently adds up to 35. While the society is comprised of many graduate students and Tucson community members, it has no official affiliation with the University of Arizona.

If you are interested in starting a society in your local area feel free to email T.A.E.S. for a starter kit! [email protected]

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