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About Tuna Steak[edit]

Tuna Steak is a raw piece of Tuna fish sold at your local fishmonger. It is usually bright red and is a high protein food for people.

Nutrition Facts[edit]

Tuna Steak 100g


Chop the raw Tuna steak into small pieces about the size of sugar cubes. Remove any white stringy pieces as this is usually not eaten.

Freeze the pieces for long term storage and they will keep this way for 3 months.


Take a few pieces and using your fingers, you'll find it easy to break off small pieces and you can drop these into the tank where the small pieces will sink slowly.

By breaking off slightly larger pieces you'll find that these pieces will rapidly sink.

A wide variety of fish will eagerly eat this food. Tiger Barbs, Mollies, Angelfish, Glass fish.

Larger pieces of Tuna steak (5-10mm) are suitable for Dwarf African Frogs or African Clawed Frogs and due to its oily nature these frogs can quickly find this food with their keen sense of smell.

Special Note*[edit]

This food contains the enzyme Thiaminase which when digested causes a temporary lose of Thiamine (Vitamin B1) in the animal. This vitamin deficiency is dangerous to the animal only if the aquarist feeds raw Tuna flesh exclusively over several months. Feeding once or twice a week will cause no harm.

  • Cooking the Tuna removes the Thiaminase but also reduces the nutritional content.