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Current missions:

  • Adding new saltwater and invert profiles.
  • Completing fish profiles so they are no longer stubs, if necessary adding the "needimage" tag.
  • Adding the new bits of info such as habitat to the fish data pages.
  • Making sure all fish profiles have the correct categories on them and creating new categories where necessary (such as common names and families).
  • Adding photos and youtube videos to profiles where appropriate.

--Cat 11:31, 26 February 2010 (UTC)

Notes for myself, creatures to add:

I keep the following, across 3 freshwater tanks (30 Litres (7.9US G.), 65 Litres (17.2US G.) and 130 Litres (34.3US G.)):

In the past I have also kept several Betta splendens of various tail types, all males. Otocinclus, two species, difficult beggers. Bronze Corydoras, 2 albino babies that then went on to my brothers tank, along with a shoal of 5 Neon Tetras.

Vicariously through my brother we have kept:

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