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My Missions[edit]

I am currently planning to add these fish to the wiki:

  • Sabertooth Characin Hydrolycus armatus

My Fish Tank[edit]

I have a large fish tank with a unique community in a 450 US Gallon (1703.44 Litre) fish tank, with the following types of fish:

♪And a partridge in a pear tree♪

Please Note (Don't Judge Me)[edit]

I provided enough hiding spots for the smaller fish like the Silver Dollars, the Bucktooth Tetras, and the Buenos Aires Tetras, so that the more larger, aggressive fish in the aquarium like the Jaguar Cichlid wont attack/eat them.

Oh Plants! Oh Plants? Oh Plants?[edit]

Oh! I have plenty of plants! Like I said in the "Please Note (Don't Judge Me)" section, I have a plant forest which I named The Dither Forest. Because I have smaller community members with the larger, more aggressive candidates. In which I use that forest to hide the smaller fish, and I usually put in my Tetra Min flakes into the artificial forest. I also have 5 marimo moss balls in which the fish love to play Fishball with! The best player in the fishtank is the Kissing Gourami. I also have a few other artificial and real plants outside of the forest in which the certain creatures play in. I also have lots of decorations and artificial corals in which the fish also use for recreativity.

Invertebrates? Eh![edit]

I have the following invertebrates: