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Here are pictures for placing on your computer/mobile phone or PDA device.

Instructions[edit | edit source]

Windows XP: Save the large version of the picture to your Desktop. Right click on the saved image icon on your desktop and select the menu option 'Preview'. Then in the Preview window, right click on the image and select the option 'Set as Desktop Background'.



Mobile Phone: Save the large version of the picture to your Desktop. Using your Phone USB cable, transfer the picture into your phone, usually this is a pictures or images folder. Then select the icon from your phone menu as your background.

1280 x 1024[edit | edit source]

Golden Angel Fish
Dwarf African Frog
Dwarf African Frog
Dwarf Chain Loach

1024 x 768[edit | edit source]

Pterophyllum scalare 1024 768.jpg
Dwarf African Frog

800 x 600[edit | edit source]

Pterophyllum scalare 800 600.jpg
Dwarf African Frog

Mobile Phone[edit | edit source]

left]100x80 left]128x128 left]132x176

Notes to editors:
Please try to keep the file names in the same format. That is, species name followed by width_height of picture.