Adonis Pleco (Acanthicus adonis)

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Adonis Pleco

Adonis Pleco.jpg
Polka Dot Lyre Tail Pleco

Acanthicus adonis

757 Litres (200 US G.)

96.5-101.6cm (38-40 ")




6.0 - 7.8

20 -30 °C (68-86°F)

9-19 °d

1:1 M:F

Pellet Foods
Flake Foods
Live Foods
Other (See article)

5-8 years



Additional names

Polka Dot Lyre Tail Pleco


A South American fish, found in the Lower Tocantins River basin.


Mature males may be more spiny than females, but they are challenging fish to sex. There are no known records of this fish being bred successfully in captivity.

Tank compatibility[edit]

A dominating territorial species of Pleco. Best not kept with other Plecos at all, they could easily be attacked. Due to their size, more than one of this Pleco should not be attempted in any less than 2271 Litres (600 US G.). Larger robust but not aggressive mid to top swimming tank mates should be left alone. This Pleco should not be kept with smaller fish.


Not a fussy feeder, will take anything from fruit and vegetables to pellets, frozen or live foods, even pieces of fish.

Feeding regime[edit]

Feed once or twice a day. Keep this fish well fed, an underfed fish will be more aggressive towards tank mates.

Environment specifics[edit]

Prefers a large and well filtered mature tank with very large heavy pieces of bogwood and rocks as décor, no planting as it will get ripped up. Sand is the best substrate for them and they do not appreciate very bright lighting.


Highly aggressive towards other Catfish and Plecos.


Large fish, black brown body with large round white spots. Extended dramatic tail and "spines" the length of the body. The white spots are only apparent on the young and slowly disappear as the fish becomes adult. Albino variation available. The Acanthicus hystrix is very similar, but without the white spots.


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