Lined Surgeonfish (Acanthurus lineatus)

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Lined Surgeonfish

Acanthurus lineatus-8171.jpg
Lined Surgeonfish

Acanthurus lineatus

757 Litres (200 US G.)

32-38 cm (12.6-15")


8.2 - 8.4

22.2-25.6°C (72 -78 °F)

8-12 °d

1:1 M:F

Live Foods
Other (See article)

8-12 years



Additional names

Lined Surgeonfish, Clown Tang, Clown Surgeonfish, Blue-banded Surgeonfish, Striped Surgeonfish

Additional scientific names

Acanthurus vittatus, Chaetodon lineatus, Ctenodon lineatus, Harpurus lineatus, Hepatus lineatus, Rhombotides lineatus, Teuthis lineatus


It is difficult to visually sex these fish and they're not known to have been bred in captivity.

Tank compatibility[edit]

This fish will be aggressive towards other Tangs and Surgeonfish and fish with similar body-shape and feeding habits. Will be otherwise relatively docile towards tank mates.


This fish is generally herbivorous but will eat meaty foods offered to other tank mates. It should be allowed to graze on algaes around the tank and live rock as well as being supplemented with spirulina, dried seaweed and other veggie-based foods.

Feeding regime[edit]

Once or twice a day.

Environment specifics[edit]

This fish needs a spacious tank as it is an active swimmer, it is also sensitive to water quality issues and needs a well filtered, matured and aerated tank.


An active and territorial fish.


The Lined Surgeonfish is distinctive. It is oval in shape and laterally compressed with a caudal peduncle spine. It has many lateral vivid blue bands which are bordered in darker blue, the background is bright orange/yellow. The belly is pale. The caudal, dorsal and anal fins are dark blue with faint banding, the pectoral fins are transparent, the pelvic fins are bright orange.


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