Horned Armour Snail (Brotia pagodula)

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Horned Armour Snail

Brotia pagodula1.jpg
Horned Armour Snail

Brotia pagodula

45 Litres (12 US G.)

5-5.5 cm (2-2.2")




7.2 - 8.0

20 -26 °C (68-78.8°F)

8-15 °d

1:1 M:F

Pellet Foods
Flake Foods
Live Foods
Other (See article)

2-5 years

Alternative names[edit]

Pagoda Snail, Porcupine Snail


Male and female. They mate and give birth to live young.

Tank compatibility[edit]

This snail will be peaceful towards fish tank mates, as long as they are not predatory. However, this snail will eat plants if not well fed.


This snail eats live plants. They will also eat cooked spinach, carrot and broccoli and will also take sinking pellets and wafers.

Feeding regime[edit]

Daily feeding of pellets or vegetables. It prefers to graze on smaller particles than large chunks of food, this will also trigger it's sifting behaviour as it searches the substrate for food.

Environment Specifics[edit]

These snails come from the Moei River (map here) and it's tributaries in Thailand.
This snail thrives in a well maintained, high oxygen tank with fast water flow (or high aeration) and a high GH level. It prefers a sandy substrate to sift through with several smooth rocks to climb upon. Take care its horny shell does not catch on anything in the tank and prevent it from moving.


Tends to hide at first. But will venture out after it has settled in, especially if food is provided regularly.


Pagoda means a tower with a tiered structure. So these snails are conical shaped with numerous spikes juddering out from its shell. The shell is brownish/yellow in colour on the outside. The flesh of the snail varies in colour from plain dark grey to light yellow with orange flecks. It forms a long 'trunk' like snout.


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