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Surgeonfish, Tangs and Unicornfish belong to the family Acanthuridae. The family includes about 80 species in six genera, all of which are marine fish living in tropical seas, usually around coral reefs. Many of the species are brightly coloured and extremely popular for aquaria.

The distinctive characteristic of the family is the spines, one or more on either side of the tail, which are dangerously sharp. Both the dorsal and anal fins are large, extending for most of the length of the body. The small mouths have a single row of teeth used for grazing on algae.

They got the name "Surgeonfish" from the aforementioned caudal peduncle spine, which resembles the shape of a surgeon's scalpel. The name "Tang" originates from the German word "Seetang", or seaweed, referring to these fish's vegetarian diet.

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