Wavy catfish (Corydoras undulatus)

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Corydoras undulatus

45 Litres (12 US G.)

4.0-5.1 cm (1.6-2")




6.0 - 8.0

22 -26 °C (71.6-78.8°F)

2-25 °d

1:1 M:F

Live Foods

4-5 years



Additional names

Additional scientific names

Corydoras microps


Corydoras undulatus originates from the La Plata region in Eastern South America.


Females are larger and bulkier than males.

Tank compatibility[edit]

Peaceful fish that forms feeding aggregates on the tank bottom.


This fish needs to be fed a variety of live foods. Especially a diet on [Tubifex] worms will ensure its longevity. Many fish owners might not pay attention to the feeding demands, because of they perceive catfish to be scavengers. These fish, however, are not scavengers.

Feeding regime[edit]

Always keep the aquarium supplied with live food.

Environment specifics[edit]

Not very demanding in terms of water quality or decor. Ensure that the tank has no sharp objects or stones. Otherwise the fish's barbels could get cut off as it searches for food. A small sand spot will allow the fish to dig for food.


Very peaceful fish.


These fish have a typical Corydoras body shape with a short snout and an inferior mouth. Four barbels protrude from the mouth. One sharp spine rests on the anterior of the dorsal fin. Pectoral, anal, and secondary dorsal fins are small and rounded. Caudal fin is forked. Body has a yellowish olive color and is covered in black dots in a wavy pattern. The belly contains a more yellowish tint.