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To add an image to a page on the AquariumWiki you need to do three things.

Step 1[edit]

First determine who owns the image. It is illegal to take images off a web site or book and place them on here, unless you or our site has permission to do so.

So the image will probably one of the following:

Copyright - your own[edit]

  • Your own image. You took it with your camera and therefore you own the copyright.

In this case, you decide if you wish the copyright to remain yours or if you wish to give it freely to the world (public domain). See example image here taken by Stuart Halliday aka user Quatermass.

Copyright - permission given[edit]

  • You've asked the copyright owner and they've given you permission to place it on our site (usually with its owner and web site credited as the copyright owner). In this case add a copyright note after you've uploaded it stating the owner and their site and that they have given you permission to use it.

See example image here owned by Tropica and we have been given permission to use these.

Copyright - free to use or public domain[edit]

  • The image is free to copy and it stated on the original location that it can be freely copied.

In this case, state where you got it from and the copyright notice you saw. See example image here or this image.

Copyright - unknown[edit]

The image is on a web site (or a book) and you can't see who owns the copyright. It is commonly thought that copyright needs to be stated or shown. It does not. It is the author's right to own copyright and they do not have to state it or display a notice (though many do). So if you can not see the copyright status, then either ask them or don't use it on our site.

  • See this list of images that have unknown copyright and are targeted for deletion shorty.

Copyright - review use[edit]

The image is of a commercial product (either a photo you've taken yourself or from a web site) and you wish to use it for review, news reporting or display of a typical product. There is a use policy in copyright law that allows limited free use of a product image in order to review or report it, etc. As long as you include in the image description such a use and this is why you are using it.

  • Take care you do not take an image from a shop site of a commercial product, as you may not have permission to do so. If you ask them, they are usually only pleased to give you use of it as long as their site is credited.

See example commercial image here or a complete list here.

Once you've decided on the copyright status, you can upload it and write a brief note explaining its copyright status. If you don't, the image will be deleted and your work will be wasted. Sorry.

Step 2[edit]

Upload the file so it's deposited on our site.

This is done by clicking on the 'Upload file' link available in the Toolbox section, bottom left of any page.

The upload page takes your original image name and allows you to specify a new one via the 'Destination filename' box. (We strongly prefer if you give it a meaningful name if you can).

Once you've uploaded it. You can see the name you've used. Copy this name down. Easy to do this if you highlight the text with your mouse and press Ctrl-C to copy it to your clipboard.

  • Remember the filename is lettercase sensitive.

We know copyright can be a pain at times. But it prevents your work and others from being used without permission and this site from being sued for illegal use. So please bear with us on this.

Lastly, fill in the description and its copyright status and ownership (the image will be deleted if you do not).

Step 3[edit]

Add the name of the file to the page of your choice.

Adding image to the animal profile[edit]

Bring up the page of your choice and click on edit at the very top.

Scroll down the edit box and look for the line where it says "{{Fish data" and below that will be a line like "|image = ".

Remove all text to the right of the equals sign and enter the name exactly as you've given to the uploaded image on the upload page (this may not be the same name as the image you uploaded). This name is lettercase sensitive and can't contain spaces (spaces are turned into "_"). Then preview the page to see if your image is displayed. If you are happy with this, save your edit.

Adding an image to the body of the page[edit]

Bring up the page of your choice and click on edit at the very top. Scroll down to the area you want the image to appear.

Add standard [[Image:Example.jpg]] tag is used (replace Example.jpg with the destination filename you choose of course) or if several is planned then please use the <gallery> tag.

Note: the image will be displayed at full size. To reduce the size try [[Image:Example.jpg|100px]]. The image will now appear 100 pixels across.

For more detail on how to use the [[Image:Example.jpg]] tag - Read this article or for advanced use on the image syntax - Read this.