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Benthochromis tricoti.

Hi, I'm a long keeper of all sorts of fresh water aquarium fishes, mostly African cichlids, and after 35+ years have decided to take the challenge of some of the more difficult fishes to breed in captivity. One of them being the Benthochromis tricoti. (I'm still waiting for the confirmation on the area that they were caught)They think they were caught from the southern part of the lake thus "Kambwimba" can anyone confirm if they have fish from this area???

Has anyone successfully raised the fry of these fish? I have a number of questions below if you are able to answer with experience, it would be of great interest and help to me. I have 8 of these magnificent fish, wild caught, sent from Germany to Australia, and so far it's looking like 2 males and 6 females. I have set them up in a tank 5x 2x 2 1/2, with sand as substrate, rocks up 3/4 of both ends of the tank and a flat rock the size of a dinner plate perched above four rocks. I have Eheim canister filters, one 2180 with inbuilt heater and one 2217 running through a UVC. I did have a twin wave maker at one end but the fish sat on the bottom and never swam around until I turned it off. Looks like they didn't like to much water movement.

Questions I have are as follows:

Your experience of set up for breeding these fish. Temperature, GH, KH, PH etc. Your experience of food for conditioning the fish for breeding. Your experience of leaving the eggs with the female or stripping the eggs from her? Your experience of first foods for fry? and follow on foods for growth?

Actually any help with good results or not so successful would be of benefit to me, I would be much appreciative.

Many thanks in advance. Pete.

Have you had a chat with the guys at --Cat 12:41, 22 April 2010 (UTC)

Thanks Catxx, I'll look into it.

Hi again. Well looks like I'm on my own with these fish. I put the same post as above on the as you suggested. Posted on: Friday April 23, 2010 9:07 am, each day I went back and checked it to see if I got any answers. As of today just before entering here, the number of people that has viewed it is 91 with not one reply! Not even one to welcome me as a member! Surely I'm not the only one with these fish, or is it no one wants to share there secrets? Anyhow I do note everything I am doing with these fish, so in future if anyone wants to share info I'll have all my records. Many thanks again.

How annoying! There must be someone out there. Have you got a local/national Cichlid club by any chance? Or regular fishkeeping club? Might be another route to take. --Cat 11:14, 28 April 2010 (UTC)