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All Bettas are Anabantoids belonging to the family Osphronemidae, sub order Macropodusinae. The most commonly found Betta are the Betta splendens or Siamese Fighting Fish, the ones most found in stores are captive bred fancy versions of the short-tailed wild species.


Common Name Species Name Image Difficulty Maximum Size Tank Size
Akar Betta Betta akarensis No Image.png Moderate 14 cm 55 gal
Apollo Betta Betta apollon No Image.png Moderate 6 cm 15 gal
Aurigan Betta Betta aurigans No Image.png Moderate 6 cm 10 gal
Balunga Mouthbrooder Betta balunga No Image.png Moderate 5 cm 10 gal
Brown's betta Betta brownorum No Image.png Easy 3 in 10 gal
Brunei Beauty Betta macrostoma Betta macrostoma.jpg Moderate 11 cm 12 gal
Emerald Betta Betta smaragdina Betta smaragdina male1.jpg Easy 2 in 10 gal
Giant Betta Betta anabatoides Bettaanabatoides1578.jpg Moderate 12 cm 30 gal
Howong Betta Betta unimaculata No Image.png Easy 5 in 30 gal
Ibanorum Betta Betta ibanorum No Image.png Moderate 14 cm 25 gal
Mahachai Fighter Betta sp mahachai No Image.png Moderate 2 in 10 gal
Peaceful Betta Betta imbellis Betta Imbellis01.jpg Moderate 6 cm 10 gal
Penang Betta Betta pugnax Betta pugnax 02.jpg Moderate 12 cm 10 gal
Persephone Betta Betta persephone No Image.png Difficult 3 in 10 gal
Red Brown Dwarf Fighter Betta burdigala No Image.png Moderate 2.5 cm 5 gal
Red Fin Betta Betta miniopinna No Image.png Easy 2 in 10 gal
Sanggau Betta Betta antoni No Image.png Moderate 6 cm 20 gal
Siamese Fighting Fish Betta splendens HMbetta-219.jpg Very Easy 3 in 5 gal
Slender Betta Betta bellica No Image.png Moderate 10 cm 20 gal
Snakehead Betta Betta channoides Betta channoides8875.jpg Moderate 2 in 10 gal
Stiktos Betta Betta stiktos No Image.png Easy 2 in 10 gal
Whiteseam Fighter Betta albimarginata Betta albimarginata 060311 8.jpg Moderate 4 cm 15 gal
Wine Red Betta Betta coccina Betta coccina "Jambi-Sumatra".JPG Moderate 6 cm 10 gal